The Portable PA System – Options and Features to Consider

Public address or PA, systems are extremely useful for addressing large crowds of people. There are a variety of reasons why you might need a public address system that is portable, rather than stationary, and there is a great benefit to being able to take the system with you without any hassle if you work in a field that requires frequent travel—and lots of packing and unpacking. Typical industries that require the use of portable PA systems include emergency response, coaching and auctioneering.

The MegaVox Pro Public Address System
Although there are a number of PA systems worth researching, this one has consistently ranked high on many lists detailing the best portable systems due to its lightweight size, durability, and capabilities of reaching highly amplified levels of sound! A wired microphone and alert siren make it very simple to get your message across to a broad range of people while the cozy shoulder strap allows you to carry the system with you for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

There are a lot of wireless microphone options for your convenience, and the AC/DC operation provides a great deal of flexibility for those who consistently utilize PA systems for work or recreation. This system has a very good reputation. In fact, the MegaVox Pro portable PA system is quite often reported to be the most reliable on the market, but you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

A Variety of Features
It’s no secret that the MegaVox Pro is one of the best portable PA systems available, but why is it so consistently popular? The following is a list of features that make the MegaVox Pro particularly unique and effective at projecting loud, clear sound over extremely long distances.

 * 119 dB of sound
 * External speaker output powers can be utilized if desired
 * Microphone with coil cord
 * True AC/DC power supply
 * Lightweight size—only 15 lbs. at most
 * Re-entrant horn driver
 * Reaches a distance of over 100 yards

The fact that this device is small and compact yet capable of amplifying voices over such a long distance makes it a perennial favorite.

The MegaVox Pro is only one of the options available to anyone interested in purchasing a portable PA system.

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