Get Same Day Crowns in St. Augustine!

You may be well aware of the waiting between visits when it comes to dental crowns. It’s an inconvenient process requires you to wait 1-3 weeks before the permanent crown is made. During this wait, you will have a temporary crown.

New Technology

Doctors say that there is new digital technology that allows them to make a crown in the office the same day. The entire process to have a same-day crown would only take an hour or two, compared to 1-3 weeks. The technology for one-day crowns is convenient and it produces durable and efficient ceramic crowns.

Saving Money

When choosing the option of doing the same-day crowns in St. Augustine, you are typically saving money in the long run because a traditional crown can cost anywhere from $800-$2,000, or even more. Having to go in for both visits for a traditional crown is going to cost more in the long run because you will have the office visit plus the cost of the crown. When you go for the same-day crown, you are paying for just that one office visit and the crown.

How It Works

This system consists of a computer that will take a digital image of a damaged tooth. The next step is the software that is used for design the crown and the milling machine. Dentists claim that they don’t charge more for the one-day crown than the traditional crown as the machine saves on lab costs. The same-day crowns are typically covered by dental insurance, as long as the insurance covers dental crowns. Dentists will use a wand that has a camera attached to the end of it. This wand will have a reflected light in order to create a three dimensional picture of the tooth and the adjacent teeth. The software will give a suggestion for the design of the crown, but the dentist can tweak any part of it. By the click of the mouse, it will send it right to the milling machine. The next step is to sculpt from a small portion of ceramic.

Quality and Longevity

There have been many studies that show how restorations that are made by using a computer -assisted system have good longevity and fit well. A lab-made crown or a same-day crown is the preference of the patient and the dentist. Same-day crowns in St. Augustine typically will work for anyone, except if someone clenches their teeth on a daily basis, a lab-made crown may be best.
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