The Importance of Divorce Lawyers

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Lawyer

Not everyone who is going through a divorce in Gilbertsville needs to hire a lawyer. For some people, undoing a married is a fairly straightforward process, especially if there are no children involved and limited assets to divide. Having two people who no longer love each other but are at least amicable toward each other can go a long way from keeping lawyers out of the equation. Divorce lawyers can also be costly. Most charge several hundred dollars per hour and may require a minimum number of committed hours to take your case. However, for those splitting couples who do have children and do have assets to divide– houses, cars, jewelry, home furnishings, toys and tools and retirement money– or if they just can’t seem to just be in the same room with each other, hiring a divorce lawyer may be the only way to negotiate the break up.

It is the sole job of a lawyer who handles divorce in Gilbertsville to make sure that the interests of his or her client are being represented fairly. This includes the distribution of all assets, the financial compensation one party will pay to the other and the custody arrangement of the children. Not everyone divorcing will want to sell all of their belongings and split the money in half. In some cases, one party will want to retain the home or certain belongings in the home. In other situations, joint legal and physical custody may not be the most ideal arrangement for the children. These issues and a multitude of others must be carefully considered and effectively negotiated, and this is what a skilled divorce lawyer can bring you.

Too often, a person exiting a relationship has met someone new, and the desire to kindle a new relationship can affect their judgment. Sometimes, in their rush to get divorced so that they can move on with their life, they do not fully consider all facets of a divorce settlement. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” This means if you do not cover all aspects of the divorce, even down to who gets the children on Labor Day, it could cost you grief in the long run. A good divorce lawyer will bring up these issues for you to think through.

Issues like how do you account for the children when it comes to reporting income taxes? Or, if there is a parental dispute, which parent makes the final decision and is there the option for mediation or arbitration? With these kinds of questions that need to be thoughtfully considered, the question may not be if you can afford to hire a lawyer who handles divorce in Gilbertsville but rather if you can afford not to.

Divorce Gilbertsville – Divorce does not need to be overly painful, and hiring a good divorce lawyer can help ease that pain. Boyd & Karver, Attorneys at Law who handle divorce cases in Gilbertsville can work for you, to make sure your rights are protected and that the terms of your divorce are fair and equitable for you.

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