The Giving and Receiving of Trophies

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At some time or other in our lives, all of us can come into contact with trophies. Most often, this could be when we receive a reward in recognition of some achievement that we have made. Maybe, this is just a simple certificate but, it could also be a symbolic item in the form of a trophy.

Relevance to the activity.

Usually, the symbolic award will relate to the achievement and the company or organization presenting it will have purchased your trophy from trophies in Arlington VA. For example, a golfing award might take the form of a miniature golf club mounted on a base stand with a plaque attached. Your achievement, along with your name and a date would appear on the plaque. Your Golf Club will have arranged all this with their supplier

Obviously, different trophies for different sports will be made to depict a different example which will be fine tuned to the type of sport and the nature of the achievement. The design scope will be as wide as the designers’ imaginations. However, public conceptions as to what is suitable for which will restrict the more abstract design possibilities from trophies in Arlington VA.

Reflecting the prestige of the achievement.

As well as design choices, trophies are manufactured in a wide range of materials. Gold and silver are usually reserved for very special awards with plastic materials being used for the more modest achievements. While representing the activity in the form of a 3 dimensional, small scale model is common, trophies are also produced in many other different shapes and styles. Glass bowls or vases, medallions and plaques are but some of the many popular options available from suppliers.

The presenter of the award will be conscious of the purchase cost and the number of awards that they will have to present. To the recipient of the award, the prestige of simply receiving it should be sufficient but, human nature is such, that the recipient will expect the award itself to have a prestigious appearance. The manufacturers of trophies in Arlington VA have to maintain a balance between their purchasers’ needs and the expectations of the recipient of the award.


Timing is also important since awards are usually made on a particular date special to both the giver and the receiver. The giver must plan ahead and use a reliable delivery source when ordering. Time must also be allocated for such as engraving the winner’s name on the trophy.

You can purchases all types of trophies from trophies Arlington VA on line from their website. They offer an extensive catalog of types, shapes, materials and designs.

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