The Benefits Of Wood Floor refinishing In Manhattan

Of all the options available for flooring in residential spaces, few of them offer the durability and beauty of natural hardwood, and though they are designed to stand the test of time, they may become damaged and warrant Floor Refinishing in Manhattan. Refinishing hardwood floors may seem foreign to some, but it is a simple process that offers a plethora of benefits. Before replacing a wood floor surface, be sure to contact a refinishing company.

Money Savings

The cost of installing a new flooring surface will depend on the size of the area and the price of the product being used, but it typically averages between $30 and $40 per square yard. It may not seem like much on the surface, but an entire home will quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Refinishing hardwoods is drastically cheaper and will allow a home to remain beautiful without breaking the bank.

Fully Customizable

Another great benefit of the refinishing process is that the homeowner may customize the final look of the wood. If a consumer is looking for a complete change, a different stain will give the wood an entirely different appearance. One other element that will provide hardwoods with a new look is the use of a different polyurethane, with high gloss offering a brighter appearance and a matte finish providing a less drastic and more natural glow.

Environmentally Friendly

Procuring new wood for a hardwood floor installation requires the use of fresh lumber, and most carpeted products are constructed out of a variety of chemicals that may harm the earth. Floor Refinishing in Manhattan is an environmentally friendly choice that utilizes the existing wood. Don’t use precious natural resources or deal with harmful chemicals, when the refinishing process is quicker and will allow a family to do something good for the planet.

If the wood floors inside a home are no longer in good shape, it may be time to have them refinished. The team at New York Wood Flooring offers a variety of refinishing options and will create a final result that will add value and beauty to a house. Call today to learn more or check out their website to discover additional benefits associated with the refinishing process. Follow us on Twitter.

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