3 Reasons Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing in NYC Homes Is Popular

Thousands of New York City homes still have original hardwood floors that are more than 100 years old. Wood is also a popular choice for somewhat newer homes, which can still be decades old. Despite heavy traffic and the effects of time, many of these floors are still beautiful. They usually owe their good-looks to professionals who provide Floor Refinishing in NYC. Specialists like New York Wood Flooring help clients maintain their homes’ values and avoid replacing wooden floors. Refurbishing wood also makes it easier to keep homes clean.

Refinishing Wood Improves Home Values

Floor Refinishing in NYC is very common among buyers who choose older homes for their charm and elegance. In many cases they renovate them, which includes restoring wood floors. Professionals can usually return even severely worn and weathered flooring to its original glory in a short time. The process dramatically improves the appearance of rooms and instantly increases property values.

Professional Refinishing Saves Owners Time and Money

Although some skilled DIY homeowners can refinish their own floors, the job is usually too messy, time-consuming and risky for most. Without the right tools and experience a homeowner can damage wood or just fail to get the results they want. In contrast, experts quickly estimate everything they need for each project and then efficiently restore wood to a like-new appearance. In fact, their methods are so effective that homeowners can redecorate many times over the years without ever having to spend money on replacement floors.

Newly Refinished Floors Need Less Maintenance

Customers often arrange to have experts refinish wood floors so that is will be easier to keep homes clean, safe and healthy. Worn wood can leave splinters and, when their coating wears down, be almost impossible to get clean. Wood can become a home for dust mites and pests like termites. When professionals refinish wood they use materials that preserve it without harm. Technicians re-stain wood, add protective topcoats and buff floors to a high shine. Homeowners can just dry or damp mop them to maintain glossy, sanitary surfaces.

Many of the most beautiful wooden floors in New York City homes have been professionally restored. Area flooring specialists efficiently restore even severely worn wood to its former glory, which increases a home’s value. Their methods also make it easier for homeowners to maintain floors.

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