The Benefits of a Catered Business Meeting

Everyone enjoys a catered business meeting. As the boss or other presenters discuss their departments success or needs, snacking on a pastry or enjoying a cup of coffee can help employees stay attentive. Whether you’re running a weekly business meeting with your employees or a meeting with a potential client, serving food at your event has many benefits.


Better Productivity

One of the key reasons to cater your meeting is to improve your productivity. For example, one of your employees may have forgotten to eat breakfast before arriving at work. While this is the employee’s responsibility, studies show that skipping a meal can lead to shakiness, dizziness, headaches, and a rapid heart rate, to name a few side effects. An employee that is experiencing any of these issues will have a hard time maintain productivity. However, by serving food at your meeting, you help all of your employees get a good start to their day.


Improves Office Morale

If you’ve noticed a lack of drive with your employees, you may consider a catered company meeting. Often, a lack of positive morale in the company comes from a lack of incentive. You may want to give your staff an ultimatum, requiring them to meet certain financial or personal goals to earn a catered lunch. With a tangible reward ahead of them, your employees will want to work harder to achieve their goals on a daily basis.


Establishes Status

While hosting a business meeting for potential clients, catering can show the representatives that you provide a certain level of amenities to the clients you serve. A company that can afford to cater a small or large business meeting often shows they are profitable and accommodating, two traits you want outside clients to notice. By taking the time to select the right catering company for the task, you give your new client a taste of what he can look forward to.


Selecting a Menu

Choosing your menu is an important part of catering a meeting, since you may have employees or potential clients with a variety of tastes. Depending on your budget, you may want to find out the attendee’s personal food preferences and allergies ahead of time. This attention to detail is often appreciated by your staff and clients, showing them that they are worthy of special accommodations. Let the company know of these preferences before they provide services to ensure all of the food is assembled and prepared appropriately.

Bagelville offers catering services for a variety of events, providing platters for bagels, sandwiches, soups, coffee, and more to meet your needs. Bagelville is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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