The Basics about Your Sinuses

You may have heard a doctor tell you that you have sinusitis, but perhaps they didn’t explain to you what that means. Sinuses are small cavities in the bones that are around your nose. These cavities will produce mucus which drains to your nose. If your sinuses have become inflamed, this will typically lead to sinusitis. There are three states of sinusitis and it depends on how long it lasts. If you have acute sinusitis, it can last for a month or less. Sub-acute sinusitis typically lasts from 4 to 12 weeks; however chronic sinusitis will usually last longer than 12 weeks. When you have more than a few sinusitis attacks within a year, it is considered recurrent. You need to be sure you keep track of how long it lasts so doctors can help you with a treatment plan as they can vary depending on which type you are experiencing.

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

When you have sinusitis this will usually cause pain in your face and around your sinuses. Your sinuses can also drip or feel like it is stuffed up. You can also feel fatigued, cough ore feel feverish. The small cavities in your bones around your mouth and nose become inflamed, which can cause pressure on your gums or teeth. Sinusitis treatment in Chicago, will tell you that this is from the mucus draining into your throat. You can also get headaches that are mild to severe; this is why it is important to seek treatment. If you get a common cold, you can also get sinusitis or immune deficiencies and nasal polyps. Typically when you have sinusitis, it causes from some kind of infection and needs to be treated.

Treatment for Sinusitis

When you are diagnosed with sinusitis, a doctor will give you a treatment that will treat your sinusitis and try to make you as comfortable as possible. You know how miserable your sinuses can make you and you do not want to put off getting treatment. There is no need to suffer when doctors can treat you have you feeling better as quickly as possible.  This is usually done with antibiotics that are specifically for inflammation and a viral infection. Doctors will also usually give you a non narcotic pain reliever to help decrease the symptoms along with decongestants. If you have a humidifier or vaporizer available, this can also help you clear your nasal passages along with a decongestant.

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