Tech Advances for Tile Cleaning

Cleaning the bathrooms, tile floors, grouting, and other living surfaces is a project. It takes time, money and energy. The list of cleaning supplies is long and many products have ingredients that emit harmful odors and leave behind residues. Tile cleaning has been made easier with spray on mold fighters, but the harmful fumes linger and degrade the grout that is very permeable.

So what’s the alternative? Porcelain and ceramic tile are extremely durable and long-lasting for floors, walls, and ceilings. But grout is not only very permeable, but it also attracts dirt and stains. Tile installers will apply a sealant, wax or oil to protect the grout from dirt and stains. Unfortunately, using home cleaning products that include bleach or acid will accelerate and break down the grout sealant resulting in a permanent discoloration.

Keep It Looking New
So how do I preserve my new tile surfaces and kill germs and mold? Trying to combat the dirt and mold that thrive in warm, moist areas such as bathrooms, mud rooms, and laundry rooms are challenging at best. Mold, pollutants, and other allergens are the leading cause of allergic asthma. Today, allergic asthma is the most common type and affects one in six people in the U.S. Maintaining a healthy environment, free of pollutants and harmful cleaning fumes is a balancing act.

There is a Better Way
Recent improvements in technology have been adopted by commercial cleaning companies. One example, Empowered Water™ technology. The process starts with regular tap water; a softener is added to remove heavy metals and elements; then water is put through a generator that splits the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms; sodium is added to the hydrogen atoms that result in clustering to create a hydroxide molecule that has the cleaning power of a detergent but without the harmful fumes or residue. That means tile and grout are clean without the damaging effects of harsh detergents.

Read the Labels
Tile is a great investment with many uses in homes and businesses. Ask your cleaning service for a list of ingredients for the products they use. If you can’t understand or pronounce the ingredients, they may not be good for you to breathe. Consider all the options for tile cleaning. Pittsburgh cleaning companies can provide an alternative, safe solutions with Empowered Water™ technology.

ZEROREZ® cleans with patented Empowered Water™ technology. They provide a customer commitment to WOW and 30 days Gotta Love It guarantee for residential and business customers.

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