Tankless Water Heater Installation: The Benefits of Going Tankless Over Standard Water Heaters

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Hot water is used for many purposes in a home. Using appliances in an energy-efficient way is now mainstream. Tankless Water Heater Installation has many advantages over standard heating tanks. The biggest problem with conventional water heaters is they only heat so much water at a time. Large families can have a problem if multiple showers need to be taken quickly. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand instead of storing a small amount of water in a tank for impending use. Tankless water heaters only produce hot water upon request. The supply of hot water is unlimited because it’s heated at that moment. Tank water heaters hike up energy bills by heating water in the holding tank all day. The tank generates energy to keep water heated even if no water is used throughout the entire day.

After the distinct differences between tankless and tank water heaters is made clear, consumers can make an informed decision. Tankless water heaters can save families up to forty percent in energy consumption. Tankless Water Heater Installation is much simpler than securing a large tank to the floor. To add to the value of tankless water heaters, there’s a digital temperature control. Users can decide how hot they want their water, which is another point for energy savings. Tankless water heaters are not prone to rusting on interior surfaces. This gives them a longer life expectancy than tank water heaters.

Safety is important to those living in a home. Tankless water heaters don’t vent into a house, meaning small amounts of carbon emissions don’t seep into the air. One thing families have to be watchful of with standard Heating and Cooling appliances is a detector only detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is nicknamed the silent killer so exposure to higher levels is hazardous. It’s good peace of mind to know that there is nothing that poses potential danger in a household. Another added bonus is that people with basements finished and used as living areas benefit from the space tankless water heaters save. Call Bowen Refrigeration to make an appointment for service.

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