Structural Engineering Washington PA: The Solution For Bowed Walls

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Foundation Repair

Structural engineering can be dated back to the beginning of civilization. Fast forward to this date, engineering is still very important and ranked as one of the top ten prestigious careers. There is a huge demand for structural engineers as the need to inspect buildings is prioritized. If you look around even in your area, you will notice that there is always some construction, be it a dam, steel structure or even skyscrapers. Structural Engineering Washington, PA is one of the many areas where this career is rampant.

Structural engineering is not all about construction, most of the times they are involved in repairing already constructed buildings. One such example is the repair of Bowed Walls. As you know, even a simple mistake or negligence during construction can result in a severe problems in the future. Structural Engineering Washington PA companies can assist you in this. So how exactly do they do this. Here are several options available.

Installing columns :

Normally these are steel columns that are bolted, nailed or screwed to the bottom of the floor. The forces that push on the wall are thus transferred to the steel beam. However, due to the complexity of many buildings, designers constructing should be rich in expertise. If the right design is not used, the steel beam will end up bending and the floor buckling. Structural Engineering Washington PA companies can assist in these.

Remove and replace :

With such an option, the walls are totally removed and replaced. Even the soil that surrounds the building foundation is excavated. However, this solution is quite expensive. If the initial problem is not solved, the problem is likely to occur later.

Carbon fiber sheets :

This type of installation ensures that the wall is reinforced with a carbon fiber to prevent further cracking. Epoxy glue is used to ensure that the fiber adheres to the wall. This method is however used to prevent further bowing and cannot be considered as a permanent solution. After all the wall may tip at the top. It also is no possible to bring back the Bowed Walls back to their original position.

If bowing walls have been a problem, now you know what to do. Structural Engineering Washington PA service may have a solution.

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