Strategies For Buying Used Liquid Chromatography Equipment

There are two different and distinctive ways to buy any type of laboratory equipment either as new or used. The first is to simply buy the brand and model that is latest on the market and most advertised. For many lab managers, this is the easiest option, but it creates a lot of additional issues that really should be addressed.

One of the big reasons why top laboratories don’t choose to buy the newest model is the lack of actual field time for the equipment. As with any new technology, the first generation is always going to be the system that has the biggest risk of glitches and issues, particularly with today’s high-tech systems.

The second way that lab managers have for buying equipment is to take the time to consider their needs. For costly items such as liquid chromatography equipment, knowing what you want is critical. This will allow easy determination as to the effectiveness and efficiency of used liquid chromatography equipment against the lab needs, saving over half the cost of buying new.

HPLC or Standard Requirements

Many labs today are moving from standard used liquid chromatography equipment to the use of HPLC or High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography systems. This allows for greater accuracy in testing with smaller amounts of sample material. It also provides full automation of the testing process, improving accuracy and efficiency while decreasing the risk of human error.

Lab and Equipment Configuration

For an existing lab space, choosing used liquid chromatography equipment that is designed to work within the facility, including integrating with lab software systems, will be a factor to consider.

Upgrading to a newer model of a current brand of HPLC or moving from standard to HPLC systems will typically ensure full compatibility, so it is really just the size and configuration options that will need to be carefully considered with the used equipment purchase.

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