Starting a Program for Industrial Fluid Management

It’s likely you have many goals for the upcoming year, and these some of these almost certainly include finding ways to make your shop more efficient. If efficiency is one of your primary goals, start by beginning an industrial fluid management program at your shop. Proper industrial fluid management helps you save money, run a cleaner shop, and become more environmentally friendly.

Industrial fluid management includes measures that reduce your costs by reducing the amount of industrial fluids your shop uses each year. In a metalworking shop, coolant usage is always a big expenditure, as well as a big environmental problem.

Under an industrial fluid management program, you’ll reduce coolant costs by using tools like oil water separators and coolant filtration to clean your coolant so that it can be reused multiple times before disposal. This will immediately allow you to save money on both the purchase of coolant and on disposal costs. Over time, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in coolant usage, while seeing a dramatic increase in air quality in your shop.
Cleaner air and less coolant to dispose of will also help your business’ ranking for environmental friendliness.

Your distributor can help you implement an industrial fluid management program by showing you all the tools you can use to clean and recycle fluid. They can offer suggestions on the best tools for cleaning your coolant or other fluid, based on the work you do and the type of fluids used.

They can also help ensure you stay within your budget for implementing your new program.

Talk with your distributor today to find out everything you need to put your industrial fluid management program into place. Your shop will be cleaner and more efficient, and you’ll see a very nice reduction in costs, too.

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