Special Care For Your Love One With Alzheimer’s And Dementia

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia you know how debilitating the disease can become. You may need different services as the disease progresses through each state. There is a difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia, but the care the person needs may ultimately be the same. Once you know your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is best to find an agency that can provide the different services the client will need for their ongoing care. Capital City Nurses has caregivers who can cook meals for their clients and help them remember to take their medication. This is the same caregiver who can go visit them in the nursing home if they ever progress to that phase. It is good for people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia to see the same faces again and again to help their memory and comfortability. Alzheimer’s and dementia care not only helps the client, but it also helps the family.

The Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s and dementia are generally the same. They both affect the memory portion of the brain and the use of the body. They are commonly used interchangeable because the behaviors of the client and the way they are treated in care are similar. The main difference is Alzheimer’s is the actual name of the disease and it directly affects memory and creates impaired speech and confusion. Dementia is a term of behaviors or symptoms that include impaired thinking and memory loss. Dementia is more associated with old age, but can be caused by different forms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Huntington’s disease. They are more similar than different and both require a special type of care.

Care Provided

Alzheimer’s and dementia care is specific to the type of illness the client is experiencing. It does not matter if the client is maintaining or declining, there is a caregiver to assist them and the family. Part of Alzheimer’s and dementia care is neurodegenerative care which can be a range activities done with the client. These specific types of services include range of motion exercises and medication reminders for those who may need it. The care for all clients should always be courteous and caring, and Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are some of the main people who need the extra understanding and care.

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