Social Security Attorneys in Paradise CA can Appeal a Claim Denial

Regardless of your age, if you are disabled and cannot work, Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law may be able to help you get benefits from the SSA (Social Security Administration). You can apply for SSDI, if you’ve already worked for a set time, or for SSI if you’re elderly or disabled and have low to no income. SSDI is part of the Social Security program; SSI isn’t. However, both programs provide medical and monetary assistance, and benefits depend on the program for which you qualify. A Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA can help you gather the necessary documentation or appeal your case.

To get SSDI, you must be disabled, and you must have a certain number of work credits with the SSA. The number of credits needed is dependent upon your age, and your disability onset date. You have to have worked for at least half of the last decade before the disability began. If your Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA helps you win your case, your benefits include a cash payment based on your earnings history. After getting disability payments for two years, you will become Medicare eligible.

The SSI program is administered by the SSA, with cooperation from state governments. The benefits you get depend on your location. For federal purposes, you must meet these criteria:
1. You must be older than 65, disabled or blind

2. You must be a US citizen, or must meet strict requirements

3. You must have a low monthly income, below a threshold set by your state

4. Your assets must be worth less than $2000 ($3000 for married couples)

If your SSI application is accepted, your benefits include a monthly cash payment of $721 for one person, or $1082 per couple. The federal benefit is adjusted once per year, depending on cost of living increases.

Part of getting Social Security benefits is documenting your disability. The evaluation of your disability leaves room for controversy; your doctor may have told you not to work, but that does not mean that the SSA will agree that you can’t work. The SSA has its own expert medical panel that evaluates disability, through a complex listing. If you are denied benefits because the SSA disagrees with your evaluation, your Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA may be able to win your case on appeal.

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