Tips To Follow If Your Being Sexually Harassed At Work

Many men and women become victims of sexual harassment every day. Most of these incidents occur in the workplace. Unfortunately, the majority of sexual harassment incidents are never reported. This is because many victims are afraid that no one will believe them. Other people worry about the repercussions of reporting the incident. Some people even feel that it as their fault that someone harassed them. If you feel that you are the victim of Sexual Harassment in Houston, it’s important to remember that sexual harassment is against the law and that there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the harassment stops.

The first thing that you should do if someone is harassing you is to tell them to stop. You should also contact your boss and make them aware of the incident. You should also ask them for a copy of the company’s sexual harassment policy, so you can see what actions the company takes when sexual harassment is reported. Once you report that you have been harassed, your employer will have to investigate your claim. During the investigation, they will have to speak with your harasser and possibly some of your co-workers.

Unfortunately, after making a harassment claim, many people think that it’s best for them to quit their job, but it’s not. Quitting your job doesn’t fix the problem. In fact, your harasser may start harassing other people or even continue to harass you. Plus, it may lead your employer to think that you are making false claims. Therefore, it may become even more difficult to prove that you were sexually harassed. It’s also important to document everything that occurs such as what the harasser says to your and your responses. You should also write down how their actions made you feel.


Lastly, if you’re a victim of Sexual Harassment in Houston you should contact an attorney to talk about the situation. They will be able to help you understand what your rights are and help you determine if you should file a claim. Keep in mind that the quicker you file your claim, the better your chances are of getting a positive outcome. If you’re ready to speak with an attorney about your rights, you should contact Filteau and Sullivan today for a free confidential consultation.


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