Snow Removal Services – Not Just for Commercial Businesses

Contracting for Snow Removal Services is a worthwhile investment when one lives in areas of the country that experiences significant snowfall. Whether you are home owner that wants to keep their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice or a business that wants to be sure the parking lot is safe for customers, it’s important to have a contract in place before winter arrives. As with many services the best providers are booked and arranged for far in advance.

Many of the companies that offers snow removal services also operate as landscaping companies in the summer months. Commercial snow removal companies have heavy-duty equipment that can handle any amount of snow and ice. For many home owners, this comes as a huge relief when massive amounts of snowfall in a short period of time. Unfortunately, even the best non-commercial snow blower may not be enough to deal with several feet of snow.

Snow plows range from smaller sizes attached to the front of a heavy-duty pick up truck. Most private or small business owners use this type of set up to perform snow removal on the side for extra income. Commercial companies like large landscaping companies and county vehicles use large, massive commercial trucks to remove snow from parking lots, apartment lots, roads, and other commercial properties.

Snow sweepers are pieces of equipment not unlike a regular street sweeping machine in that its brushes remove snow and clean surfaces less abrasively. These are ideal to use in areas with uneven pavement or pathways, side walks and large patios comprised of brick pavers. These are machines most likely to be used by city or county crews as opposed to a landscaping company.

Loaders are ideal for Snow Removal Services that require the removal of immense volumes of snow. These can be found at shopping mall parking lots, hospital, university, and college parking lots. Other areas include airport terminals, highways, and other major roads. They will remove the snow and dump at another place off site as well. In areas where it is not practical to access with large equipment, the crews will come armed with personal snow blowers, snow shovels, brooms, and walk behind snow sweepers. These include areas such as narrow walkways, near store and building entrances, path and other hard to reach places.

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