JCB Excavator 100C-1: An 11-Ton Compact Excavator

JBC is a manufacturer of quality construction and landscaping equipment. In 2015, they released their first 10-ton compact excavator. The JCB Excavator 100C-1 is the latest in their line of versatile compact equipment for various projects including construction sites, agriculture, and landscaping. It offers its users several desirable features.

Features of JCB 100C-1

The JBC 100C-1 is an 11-ton compact JCB excavator. This large piece of equipment has the conventional tail swing of many models manufactured by JCB – particularly the JCB 86C-1. However, the engine of the JBC 100C-1 is more powerful than those JCB companies have produced for previous JBC excavators.

A body completely fabricated of steel

Rests on an H-pattern track frame which facilitates easier cleaning since it casts off mud and dirt for

An operating weight of 21,458 lbs

An 18” rear overhang making it larger than the previous large model – JCB 86C-1

Auto idle feature

Two digging modes: ECO mode and Heavy

A more powerful engine (74-horsepower)

Maximum bucket tear out force of 16,231 ft.-lbs

Dipper arm tear out force of 9,510 ft.-lbs

30-degree tilting cab making access to the equipment easier for servicing


Color LCD with a rear view camera optional

Overall, the JCB Excavator 100C-1 has a more powerful engine as well as larger digging capacity and augmented hydraulic capacity to boost its performance on site. This excavator can dig down as far as 15 feet. It also boasts a dump height of 18 feet, 6 inches. Such features satisfy a demand for more power but deliver it in a compact form.

The JCB Excavator 100C-1

The JCB Excavator 100C-1 is a large performer in a compact body. It offers the operator improved power over smaller models but does not forego the compact size many sites require. At the same time, the company has not forgotten to add a few creature comforts. Combining comfort, quality and power is what JCB and its excavators are all about.

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