Signs a Vehicle Needs Exhaust Repair in Buffalo Grove, IL

A car’s exhaust system is both one of the most important and the most overworked systems in the vehicle. It reduces engine noise, increases vehicle performance, and, more importantly, routes harmful fumes away from both the passenger cabin and the vehicle’s engine. That’s why it’s so important to know when it’s time to take a car or truck in for exhaust repair in Buffalo Grove IL.

Most vehicle owners don’t know much about the cars they drive, so it can be tough to tell whether the problems they are experiencing are minor or very serious. Keeping an eye, and an ear, out for the following warning signs can help even the least-knowledgeable driver tell when their exhaust systems are starting to experience problems.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

There are a few reasons a vehicle might start to experience decreased fuel efficiency, but exhaust leaks are one of the most common of them. The reason this occurs is that exhaust leaks often result in harmful fumes getting stuck in the vehicle’s engine instead of being carried away to safety, leaving the engine operating at dangerously high temperatures. It’s important to head to the mechanic as soon as this begins to happen to avoid incurring further damage to the car.

Strange Vibrations

If there are strange vibrations occurring in either the steering wheel or the gas pedal, it’s almost certainly due to an exhaust leak. Sometimes, if the leak is large enough, the entire car might even begin to shake. This shaking isn’t just a warning sign of serious damage, though; it’s also a safety issue that can lead to decreased precision control.

Increased Engine Noise

One of the first signs of trouble most car owners notice when they are in need of exhaust repair in Buffalo Grove IL is increased engine noise. Vehicles that are running much louder than normal should be checked out by a certified mechanic to find out whether or not this potentially dangerous underlying problem is to blame.

Find a Mechanic Now

Any driver experiencing any of these problems should not delay in finding a certified mechanic to help. Visit for information about one local auto shop that can diagnose and repair exhaust problems in both foreign and domestic cars. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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