Save Money with Commercial Solar Film in Sugar Land TX

Commercial solar film in Sugar Land TX is for more than the fleet of vehicles. Tinting the windows of the building can save owners money in ways not even imagined. The scope and scale of returns on the investment will be realized for years to come.

Utility Bills

The savings on utility bills will be significant because they will be enjoyed all year. Commercial Solar Film in Sugar Land TX reduces both heating and cooling costs. The tint provides an additional layer of protection against wind and ice in the colder months. That is especially effective in tall office buildings or apartment complexes.

In the hot weather, solar film drastically blocks the ultraviolet rays from the sun from entering the building. Cooling costs are not as high because the rooms do not get as hot. Tinting will also help cut the electricity used by individual employees.

Every office or retail store has employees who operate a small fan at their stations, and a tiny heater because they are never warm or cool enough. A consistent temperature will eliminate the need for extra appliances. It will also increase employee comfort.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Very few business owners actually realize how janitorial costs are affected by the sun and the temperature. Cleaning products and supplies include cleaners and polishes needed to keep floors and furniture protected from the rays of the sun. Wood furniture tends to dry out, carpets will fade, and paint will peel and fade faster.

There is also much more garbage accumulated as people attempt to warm or cool themselves with drinks and wipe off sweat with paper towels. The time it takes to thoroughly clean a floor will decrease when the windows are tinted. The janitorial staff can be downsized and the supply costs will go down.


Prolonging the life of the furniture, fabrics, and paint will reduce replacement costs for every component that is needed to provide space for work to get done. It will also reduce glare on computer screens so those expensive shields will no longer be needed. Those will often cost more than the computer monitor.

All those reductions in costs increase the bottom line. Check out to learn of the other benefits that make a commercial solar film a wise choice for the building. Free estimates are also offered.

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