Signs a Sprinkler Repair in Spokane Is In Order

Lawn sprinklers are a great way to ensure every area of the yard receives an even amount of water. When something is not quite right with the system, arranging for a sprinkler repair in Spokane sooner rather than later will protect the investment in the lawn. Here are some signs indicating the time has come to contact a professional.

Brown Spots in the Yard

When one or more of the sprinkler heads are clogged or not deploying properly, the water will not spread evenly. That leaves some areas of the yard receiving the right amount of water and other areas lacking. The presence of brown spots in certain sections of the yard is reason enough to call a professional and find out if some kind of sprinkler repair in Spokane is needed. In many cases, problems with the heads can be corrected without a lot of effort.

Saturated Areas

When some areas of the yard are saturated, that could mean a break in one of the lines between the sprinkler heads. A professional can take a look at the layout of the system and identify if a section is leaking. This type of repair may take a little more time since there is the need to unearth the section, apply a patch, and then move the sod back into position.

The Controls Don’t Respond

In the past, programming the system was a breeze. Lately, it seems as if the settings are lost for no apparent reason. A professional can run diagnostics on the control system and find out what is happening. If repairs are not possible, the professional can remove the old control unit and replace it with a new one.

For any homeowner having trouble with a residential sprinkler system, Contact us today and arrange for a service call. Talk with the expert about what is happening and be prepared to answer questions about when the sprinklers were installed. After an inspection of the system is made, it will be easy to identify all the factors contributing to the problem, suggest a solution, and be ready to make the repairs as soon as the client provides permission.

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