Precision Weed Control in Spokane Is Provided by Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Landscaping

The Spokane region has a somewhat arid climate, and many property owners try to minimize their need for irrigation. They might replace some grassy areas with wildflowers that are drought-resistant and they might add rock gardens. Rock gardens don’t have to look like landscaping from a southwestern desert; they can include colorful plants that don’t need regular watering. Professional Weed Control in Spokane may be desirable at first until unwanted plant growth has been mostly eradicated.

Colorful Plants

Not all colorful plants have flowers. Non-floral plants are available in silver, red, purple and other colors. Property owners might also plant a variety of trees with different hues of leaves and evergreen needles. This also can replace some of the lawn, and most trees don’t require the level of routine watering that grass does.

Advantages of Professional Weed Control

Professional Weed Control in Spokane is generally preferable to property owners doing it on their own. Contractors providing this service are skilled at precisely targeting specific plants that their customers do not want in the yard. There is no risk of accidentally killing tomato plants, a rose bush, a ground vine in a small garden, or any other yard feature that the owner has been carefully tending. The landscape will have a more polished appearance after the unwanted weed growth is gone.

Welcoming Certain Wild Plants

It’s important to understand that many people welcome certain kinds of wild plants into the yard, preferring to let nature take its course to a certain extent. They may like cheerful dandelion flowers and enjoy eating the cooked greens. Purslane and plantain are technically weeds, but they also can be gathered for fresh greens in a stir-fry.

When to Begin

When is a good time to start with these landscaping projects? Someone who has bought a house over the winter will be eager to get going on the yard. Freezing temperatures usually are over by the first week of May, so any time after this is fine. Numerous types of landscaping services in addition to weed control are offered by contractors such as Spokane ProCare. Browse us at the website for information.

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