Shrink Sleeve Labels: Visually Appealing Packaging

Shrink sleeve labels are increasing their market share. This type of packaging label is one very open to visual appeal. With eye-catching graphics and a very sleek finish, these labels are one way to promote a product successfully. In fact, research seems to indicate using these labels can increase a product’s sales by more than 20% of those for a traditional pressure sensitive label.

Their Popular Appeal

It is hard to argue against the positive impression of a customized shrink sleeve label. Packaging companies realize the potential benefits deriving from this type of label. A shrink sleeve label, particularly those that fall into the customized category, possess the following desirable characteristics

* Full Color: They are available in a full color

* Complete Design Coverage: This product is designed to provide design coverage that encompasses the entire product

* Container Size and Shape: The sleeve has the ability to fit most containers even flowing over those of unique shapes

* Resistance: The sleeves are resistant to both moisture and abrasion

* Reusable: Without adhesives, the containers are reusable

* Safety: Can work with tamper proof devices to ensure product safety

This type of label, therefore, combines functionality, versatility and aesthetic qualities in a singular package.

Applications for Shrink Sleeve Labels

A shrink sleeve label has many possible applications. They find favor for a variety of complex packaging, safety seals and promotional concerns. As a wrap-around label, they can easily fit almost any glass, metal or plastic container. Applications embrace the following industries:

* Food and beverage products

* Household products

* Personal care items

* Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical bottles

From milk bottle to pill bottle, this method of labeling covers it all

Shrink Sleeve Labels: Visual attractiveness and Functionality

For those who want to create a customized label that offers killer images while ensuring product safety, the packaging industry offers several options. For many, shrink sleeve labels may be the right answer. This method effectively combines visual attractiveness with functionality.

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