How Would an Inclined Elevator Conveyor Boost Your Production Line?

The organisation of your warehouse, production line, packaging operation and shipping area will always benefit by being linked with machinery that reduces the work of individuals. On occasions, there is the need for an incline conveyor to move goods from one area to another.

Is This the Same as A Flat Belt Conveyor?

An incline conveyor is very much like a flat belt conveyor, apart from one simple design difference, the conveyor is planned to carry your goods up an incline. Whereas a flat belt conveyor does not necessarily require a grip to move goods, the incline conveyor will include grips or flights to ensure that the product stays firmly fixed to the conveyor belt until it arrives at the top of the conveyor.

To ensure that the conveyor moves effectively and efficiently, the belt will run within guides to ensure that it stays on the track, whatever the incline.

Who Uses Incline Conveyors?

This machinery is equally suitable for the pharmaceutical and food grade requirements set by law and FDA rules and regulations. To meet these requirements, the conveyors can be completed in stainless steel, powder coated steel and aluminium. The units are designed to be able to perform as part of your production line 24/7.

A variety of incline angles can be provided, depending upon your specific needs. This can include a neck at either or both ends of the conveyor to move your goods from one area to another.

When you inform a provider of incline conveyors about your specific requirements, they may be able to offer a variety of accessories which may include load hoppers and control options. You may also need to make enquiries about the different guide systems and supports that complete the purchase.

Production line managers will ask about the different configurations for the drive mechanisms. Under slung drives are available as well as a motorised drive drum. A shaft mounted motor is the most popular variety and a decision will be based upon where the units are to be installed.

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