Should You Buy a Self-propelled Boat Trailer?

Moving around boats can be a tedious and often time consuming process. In addition, there is always the possibility of human error which can lead to a host of problems in a boat yard. Many people are enjoying the wide range of benefits, a high quality self-propelled boat trailer can provide. Let’s discover what “self-propelled” means and the many good things these trailers have to offer.

Self Propulsion

If something is self propelled, it means there is no need to pull or push it about. For example, when you use a self propelled lawn mower, you only have to walk behind it and there is no hard work involved in pushing. This same principle applies to trailers. Self moving trailers have their own engines and drive trains. In other words, you don’t have to hook up to them with a truck or other equipment to move them about. This provides a number of advantages.

Benefits of Self Propulsion

Self moving boat trailers give you more options when it comes to moving. This is especially important in tight areas where maneuvering can be very tricky. In fact, these trailers can get in and out of areas which cannot be accessed by standard trucks and tow trailers. Maneuvering is easier because you have a much shorter wheel base and there is no pivot point between trailer and towing vehicle when you use a self-propelled boat trailer.
Self moving trailers provide a great deal of traction which is not possible when you push or pull a trailer. For example, the tow truck is the only vehicle with traction but self-propelled models are designed to distribute the weight evenly over all the drive wheels, providing excellent traction. They will move on unpaved areas and gravel with no problems. Some of the better models feature four-wheel drive and two speed transmissions. You can use the lower gear when you need maximum power to the wheels.

Visibility is better with self moving trailers. There is no twisting your neck to look behind you when you can see all around and you only need to use a joystick control to operate the unit. In fact, visibility is a full 360 degrees.

A good self-propelled boat trailer can increase your total storage capacity. For example, you may be able to store boats in places you could not reach with standard trailers. By increasing storage, you can take in more business with the same amount of space. This not only increases efficiency but raises profits.

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