Going Sailing? 3 Things to Remember When You’re Bringing the Kids Along

There’s nothing like enjoying the sea and sun after a cooling swim. Listening to the water lapping gently at the hulls of the boat. Or going for an early morning fishing boat, right when the mist over the water starts to ease. And what’s even better than a sailing adventure? A sailing adventure with the whole family, that’s what. And that means bringing along your kids.

However, before you pack everyone along, make sure you know these rules, especially if you’re bringing your children along on that trip.

Your Crew aren’t Babysitters
The crew is there to make sure you have an amazing time. But that doesn’t include taking care of your kids, says the Tatler. They’ve got a ton of duties to see to on the boat. Some crews, though, will willingly offer a hand. However, don’t abuse the privilege. It could end up affecting the crew’s service on the boat if you insist on heaping up extra duties on them. If you think you really need assistance, then make that clear to whoever is arranging the trip or talking to the crew. Ask for a nanny to be brought on board. Since they’ll be providing you with specialized tasks, expect the package rates to cost more. So make sure you’re prepared with the extra expense.

Ask About Kid-Friendly Packages
Crews on some sailing charters through the USVI can suggest kid-friendly activities. Ask about those. Whether it’s about making them walk the plank, playing pirate games with a fake peg leg or setting up a scavenger hunt for buried treasure in one of the many beaches around, your kids are sure to have the kind of fun they’ll remember long after their adventure on the ‘high seas.’

After the Adventure
When your time in paradise comes to an end, make sure you leave the crew with a tip. It’s common practice to leave something around 5-15 percent of the charter fee, hugely depending, of course, on whether you and your family—especially your kids—enjoyed the whole trip and how much of that was possible because of the crew. Plenty of repeat customers actually choose trips based on the crews they love. If you’re thinking about going back, make sure you remember the names of your crew. That way, finding them again will be easy the next time around. For more information on sailing charter packages, visit Blue Mystic Charters.

Want to bring the whole family on a sailing adventure? Blue Mystic Charters offers sailing charters through the USVI. For rates and packages, talk to us today.

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