Services Offered By Women Physicians in Norman, OK

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Health

Women typically look to other women for medical services. It is for the simple fact that many feel more comfortable with another female seeing their bodies or discussing personal issues rather than a male. Women Physicians in Norman OK offer a variety of services to ensure each woman’s needs are met.


One of the top fields for women is gynecology. This includes reproductive and sexual health services. Well-women exams, pap smears, genetic testing, cervical cancer screenings, mammograms, and lab work are all performed by a gynecologist. She also offers assistance with finding the right birth control if that is needed. There are numerous options available that may take some discussion before settling on the right choice. This ranges from the pill to the patch and even an IUD.

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic services are also offered by female physicians for female patients. Juvederm is one of the most popular treatments. This is a gel injection that helps to rejuvenate the skin and replace elasticity. It smooths wrinkles. Another option is Botox. This option is typically chosen by those looking to eliminate the frown lines shown on their faces. Some also use it for crow’s feet, the wrinkled lines coming from around the eyes. A third cosmetic treatment is laser hair removal. This removes unwanted hair without having to shave it off. Multiple treatments are often needed to see lasting results.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy for women typically occurs during the menopausal stage. This type of therapy can eliminate some of the symptoms that are often felt during menopause. These can include hot flashes, problems with memory and concentration, fatigue, mood swings, and a drop in libido. The therapy works to reverse these effects and return the body to a normal feeling. Hormone levels will first be tested in the lab, with a treatment occurring soon after. Another treatment will be needed after four weeks and every year thereafter.

Women Physicians in Norman OK offer a wide range of services to their patients. They provide personalized care to ensure each person seeing them is taken care of and satisfied with the care received. Contact Life’s Cycle Womens Care to find a female physician today.

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