Seeking Senior Adult Foster Care in Phoenix, AZ

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Adult care

Adult foster care in Phoenix, AZ, is available to a variety of people. It’s an appropriate placement for adults who need physical and emotional support without needing the security of 24-hour supervision. While this pertains to many people over the age of 18, it has become an exceptional option for seniors who have begun to experience the limitations of failing physical and mental health.

Talking with the Department of Human Services

DHS provides care programs for children and adults who need them. They will often talk to families to determine what kind of support is best for their loved ones. There are a multitude of options available, including in-home care, assistance specifically for patients with Alzheimer’s and assisted living centers, for many patients. Adult foster homes can only house up to four people.

Meeting with Financial Professionals

In order to obtain services, a family must fill out an application through DHS and turn in any paperwork relevant to their family members’ finances and health issues. When the person needing placement has savings and other financial resources, it makes sense to speak with a lawyer or investment specialist before going to public agencies for help.

Compromise through Adult Foster Care

Too often, an elderly family member does not want to leave his or her own home and will fight the choice to go to a nursing home or retirement facility. At the same time, younger family members may not have the ability to provide the supervision needed to keep older generations safe. Adult foster care in Phoenix, AZ, represents a good compromise for families struggling with this issue.

Foster Home Responsibilities

Adult foster homes, like those for children, bring a person who needs extra care into a real family setting. While adult homes may house a maximum of four people, they cannot burden the people getting help by having to share rooms. They also can’t displace members of the original family by making them sleep on pull-out mattresses and the like.

In order to be approved for foster care, all the members of a family must take training together. They all must support the plan to provide care and be able to pass a criminal and abuse registry background check. The family must also have the ability to pay their bills without assistance, to ensure government stipends go to the care of the resident and not toward the family’s income. Protections are in place to make sure foster environments are focused on the health and welfare of the resident, making adult foster care in Phoenix, AZ, a safe and reliable option.

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Adult Foster Care in Phoenix AZ

Adult Foster Care in Phoenix AZ

Adult Foster Care in Phoenix AZ

Adult Foster Care in Phoenix AZ

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