Saving Equipment with Custom Parts

Hydraulic equipment can be the lifeline of your business, and can be a significant financial investment, as well. As equipment ages, keeping it in good working order can be difficult, as parts become obsolete and more difficult to obtain.

As your equipment ages, one way to increase the number of years you can keep that equipment in operation is with custom made parts. Some companies can fashion new parts for you based on the old obsolete parts.

This is especially true with hydraulic cylinders. There are several companies in the US that build custom hydraulic cylinders to your specifications. These hydraulic cylinders will operate exactly as the original cylinders on the equipment. Once the first custom hydraulic cylinder is made for your equipment, the company will have the exact specifications on hand, and can easily make more when you need these.

With new parts on hand, you can extend the life of your equipment for many years, which saves thousands of dollars in replacement costs. This allows you to reduce the amount of capital investment your business must make each year, and increases your cash flow. It may also allow you to grow your business. When you don’t have to replace large operating equipment as often, you may be able to buy new equipment instead, which may allow you to serve a larger customer base or take on more jobs.

Many people might hesitate to consider purchasing custom made parts because they believe these to be too expensive. However, many parts, including custom hydraulic cylinders, can be custom made to your specifications with only a slight increase over the cost of ready-made parts. This means that replacing worn parts with custom made ones is still significantly less expensive than replacing equipment because parts have become obsolete. This is especially true when only a few parts have become difficult to replace.

So, before you decide to send heavy equipment to the graveyard because of old and obsolete parts, investigate the possibility that you may be able to have the needed parts custom made. You might be surprised at how easy it is to locate custom manufacturers who can make different parts for your equipment. This method can save your business tons of money in the long run, helping you to put your cash into other areas that increase your ability to serve your customers and grow your business profitably.

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