Save Time and Money When You Use Address Verification Software

Every business that does multiple mailings needs to be able to keep up with addresses that are current. Being able to tell if an address is current, or not, can save you time and money. While this may seem like a task that is quite difficult, it can be handled by computer software that has been created to deal with this exact dilemma. You need a program that works in real time that focuses on verifying addresses or correcting them if need be.

Use Real Time and the USPS Zip+4 Database

Address verification USPS software can correct or verify an individual address using real time. This software known as an Application Programming Interface is integrated into web applications and a lot of data entry applications, and can run on almost all hardware platforms. There are also other options for add-ons that include modules that improve performance, allow for greater mail deliveries, and give custom data that is quite valuable.

Other Modules Include:

* GeoCoding – Allows for mapping, routing and marketing research applications, and assigns longitude and latitude coordinates for routing on the ZIP+4 level.

* Telephone Area Code Exchange – validates and assigns information for telephone and area code exchange.

* Delivery Point Validation – Uses a USPS exclusive database to confirm the existence of addresses, including current house numbers.

How Address Verification Software Works

Address verification software enables more of your mail-outs to be delivered by making sure your addresses match those that are current within the USPS ZIP+4 database. The USPS database is apprised monthly and includes commercial and residential addresses with street names for all of them. It is important that you are kept up to date concerning correct addresses, street numbers, names, cities, states and zip codes. Some of the best address verification software also includes the county name, delivery point barcode, carrier route codes and congressional district information. All of this information provided by excellent software is going to make your mailings more accurate and improve your marketing information and strategies.

Increase Your Mailing Productivity

When you use address verification software you can exponentially increase your mailing productivity. With the greater amount of information being related to provide correct addresses, the amount of keystrokes it takes to look up an address is reduced. Once the street name is typed in, the rest of the address pops up on the screen due to look-up features that are sensitive. This can all be done via batch processing applications, on-line call centers, point of sale, and through being embedded in internet.

Anchor Computer Software has many address verification USPS programs in which to choose. Browse their website to find the programs that best fit your business.

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