Reviewing The Laws With Bus Accident Attorneys In Charles County, MD

In Maryland, certain conditions apply to personal injury cases that may identify a public official who is liable for injuries. These cases require the victims to act quickly and without hesitation. Bus accident attorneys in Charles County MD help these victims when they are injured while using public transportation.

Determining Who was at Fault

The first step is to indicate what party is at fault. In these accidents, the driver of the bus is the first consideration. However, maintenance requirements for the vehicle could also lead to an accident. The first step for law enforcement is to identify the responsible party.

Investigating the Bus Accident

Law enforcement must investigate all instances in which an accident was caused by public transportation. They must have the vehicle inspected to determine if a mechanical issue contributed to this event. They must also identify whether or not all necessary maintenance for the vehicles was managed properly. These concerns could identify if a further liability exists beyond the auto-based accident. Mechanical errors could indicate a product’s liability. However, if the maintenance requirements were mismanaged, a public official could be liable for a failure.

Was the Driver Intoxicated?

The driver of the bus is tested to determine if they were under the influence. All drivers, especially public transport drivers are prohibited from driving while intoxicated. This is a criminal act and punishable under applicable DUI laws. Additionally, the driver could face separate charges for each individual who sustained an injury.

Statue of Limitation for Claims Against Public Officials

The victim is subject to a three-year statute of limitations for the accident itself. However, if the identified defendant is a public official, they have one year only. They must file a formal claim before these statutes run out or they lose their right to sue.

In Maryland, all residents are protected under state and federal law when using public transportation. It is the responsibility of the city and county to maintain these vehicles to ensure the passengers’ safety. Any victim of an injury related to public transportation should hire bus accident attorneys in Charles County MD or contact us today.

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