Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants in Whitehouse Station

If you are missing one or more teeth, there’s a good chance you don’t smile much. When you don’t smile, strangers may perceive you as unfriendly, and it might be difficult for you to make new friends. Fortunately, there is a solution to your problem that wasn’t available years ago. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile so you aren’t afraid to open your mouth when you laugh. The procedure is widely available and affordable for people with missing teeth.

The time it takes to get Dental Implants in Whitehouse Station depends a lot on how long your tooth or teeth have been missing. In cases where there has been significant bone loss, additional procedures may be necessary before an implant can be securely placed in the jawbone. As long as you have sufficient bone in your jaw, the entire procedure is relatively simple.

Your dentist will place a post in the space where your tooth once was, and wait for a few weeks until it is secure. After the bone has formed around the post, and your dentist is certain it won’t come out, he or she will place a crown on top of the post. Crowns look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Unless you tell your friends and coworkers, they may not know you have a dental implant.

Caring for your new implant is easy. You can brush the crown and floss around it just like you do with your natural teeth. Your dentist will do his or her best to ensure your crown matches the color of your natural teeth. Implants have a number of advantages your dentist may discuss with you before your procedure. The greatest advantage to getting Dental Implants in Whitehouse Station to replace missing teeth is that the implant can prevent further tooth loss because it will help the jaw bone remain strong.

Though Dental Implants in Whitehouse Station are an effective solution for replacing single teeth, they are also commonly used as anchors for dentures and bridges. They help the teeth fit more securely and eliminate the need to damage adjacent teeth when creating a bridge. If you are missing several teeth, talk to your dentist about implants. Click here for more information.

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