How an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem Diagnoses Bruxism

Some people experience it involuntarily, either during sleep or during the day. Their teeth are crowded with more force than the usual jaw, which can lead to their teeth squeaking and clenching. This condition is known as bruxism, a habit that may significantly affect the health of teeth, causing bothersome symptoms for the patient. It may also occur while resting, as many patients are unaware of this condition, but some signals can allow you to detect its presence. This article explains how to tell if you have bruxism and how and Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem can help.

While bruxism may be a habit that the patient unconsciously performs during sleep, many people suffer from bruxism during the day, especially in situations of stress. And apparently stress is the main cause of people grinding their teeth. Therefore it is important to detect if this condition is occurring while you are awake. This will allow an Emergency Dentist to find a timely solution.

One of the main symptoms of bruxism is pain in the jaw. This happens due to tension exerted in the area because the patient is biting or clenching down for an extended amount of time. This symptom is common in people that sleep with bruxism, which tend to wake up with great discomfort in the area. Grinding the teeth for an extended period may also bring other consequences:

  • Facial pain
  • Headaches that may spread to your neck or ears

At this point, the pain is frequently present and intense. This is usually the point where the patient seeks medical help from an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem. A dentist is the right professional to treat bruxism, something of which can be diagnosed with a simple review. This condition causes wear and fractures in tooth enamel in addition to bone loss, which in severe cases could significantly affect teeth. In rare cases, it could cause complete tooth loss.

Therefore, it is important to seek the appropriate treatment from a specialist. Eliminating this habit and reducing its impact on your dental and general health is a must. For more information contact your local emergency dentist in bethlehem today.

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