Reasons to Use a Laundry Service in Syracuse NY

by | May 3, 2013 | Business

Many people and businesses can benefit from using a laundry service Syracuse NY or elsewhere. This is because there are many advantages of doing so. While most people consider this as just a convenience, there are actually even better reasons.

Health – Professional Laundry Service companies have the proper equipment to effectively sanitize laundry. This is particularly important in the health care industry but is important to any business that wants to keep its employees healthy as well as their customers or patients. Restaurants are another industry that would benefit from towels, uniforms, and aprons being sanitized.

Effectiveness – Replacing stained items is far more costly than having them cleaned effectively. A laundry service is going to do a better job at removing stains than can be done otherwise.

Efficiency – It makes no sense to dedicate time to doing laundry that can be used to create more income than it would cost to have the laundry done by a service. Using one’s time efficiently whether to save money or have more time with family is an important goal for many.

Appearance – Both businesses and professionals need to be sure the image they project is the best it can be. A dress shirt with nice creases, tablecloths and napkins with no wrinkles or stains, bed sheets that smell fresh and clean, uniforms nicely pressed – all of these are part of image.

Cost – In many cases, a company that uses a laundry service instead of doing all their laundry in-house can actually save money. There are many costs, including hidden costs, of doing laundry in-house. Besides the initial cost of the equipment, there are ongoing costs as well such as repairs, maintenance, and utility costs. The equipment will also need to be replaced from time to time. In addition to the hourly wages involved, there are insurance costs, payroll taxes, medical insurance expenses and possibly medical expenses if someone becomes injured. Ongoing expenses also include the laundry cleaning items such as soap, whiteners and softeners.

There are so many reasons why Laundry Service Syracuse NY customers should turn to help with this inconvenient chore. Obviously the convenience factor can’t be understated, but health, effectiveness, efficiency, appearance and cost are also big reasons.


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