Reasons To Get Security & Fire Alarm Systems In Pettis County

by | Jan 22, 2014 | security system

Have you considered installing a fire alarm or home security system, but delayed the purchase because you don’t believe you need it? Before you delay any longer, consider this: In 2010, over two million homes were burglarized, and many more had devastating fires, resulting in billions of dollars in property loss. Investing in security or home fire protection in Sedalia will help you protect your family and your assets-;read on for other reasons why you should make the investment.

You’ll Deter Crime

You might believe that the family dog will make burglars think twice, and in most cases, that belief is accurate. However, many studies show that home security systems are more effective. Burglars can get into your home in less than a minute, and anything that extends that time can act as a deterrent.

You’ll Protect Against Fire & Smoke

Home security systems protect against burglaries, but many are also equipped to protect you from fire. Home fire protection systems are often part of a total package, supervising windows, doors and other spaces within the home. Many provide a monitoring service, calling you if a fire occurs when you’re not at home, or reporting it to local police and the fire department.

You’ll Save On Homeowner’s Insurance

Not only will a security system deter burglars, it can also help you save on your homeowner’s policy. Some companies offer discounts of more than 20% if you install a burglar/fire/sprinkler system with monitoring. They’re willing to offer such discounts because security and Fire Alarm Systems in Pettis County reduce the chance that they’ll have to cover your losses due to burglary or fire.

Police Can Respond Faster In An Emergency

There are many compelling reasons to buy a home security and fire protection system, but one of the best is the improved emergency response time. If you have health problems and live alone, you may be able to get a wireless transmitter that triggers your system if you need help. Once your system is set off, the appropriate agencies are notified. Many systems have intercoms so you can talk directly to the monitoring service if you can’t reach a phone. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you have limited mobility, it can be a lifesaver.

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