Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Whitening in Port Norris

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Dentists

Teeth Whitening Port ElizabethStained and yellowed teeth can deter people from flashing a smile and cause them great anxiety about their appearance. Society puts great emphasis on the way we look and the appearance of our teeth is a big part of a positive image especially the whiteness of our teeth. White teeth are associated with being healthy, successful, youthful, and confident, while yellow teeth are often associated with being lazy, unclean, and representative of bad habits. That’s why it is important to get Teeth Whitening Port Norris and bring your teeth to a shining bright white color. Many people think that they can get their teeth white on their own with at-home products, but the most cost effective and best results will come with a Dentist in Port Norris.

Users of at-home teeth whitening products can experience several unwanted consequences that would not occur with professional Teeth Whitening Port Norris. At-home products can cause uneven and blotchy results, as your tongue and saliva can wipe away portions of the whitening products, thus leaving them untreated. Also, many at-home products contain glycerin, which can dry out your tooth enamel. Plus, it could be a very costly and time consuming process to get the desired results, as at-home products use low concentration of whitening agents.

Professional teeth whitening is simply the superior whitening option, as it creates a brighter and whiter smile than do-it-yourself systems. In addition, professional teeth whitening comes with many added benefits that make for a smoother process to getting a great smile. It is much safer and a more reliable form of treatment, which is handled under professional supervision. This means that you are able to avoid sensitivity issues or pain because your treatment is being handled by a professional. The professional treatment creates a tooth color that is customized to meet your specific needs and desired level of whiteness. Your teeth can be lightened by multiple shades in one visit, versus taking weeks or even months for a similar outcome with an at-home product. Plus, professional treatment has been proven to have longer-lasting results than any at-home product on the market. While at-home products seem like a convenient approach to teeth whitening, it is easy to see that professional Teeth Whitening Port Norris is far superior.

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