Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn

For many homeowners, keeping their yard in pristine condition is one of their top priorities. One of the best ways to make sure that your yard stays green and healthy is by having it fertilized. The fertilizer will help to give the soil on your property the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and lush. Neglecting to fertilize your lawn will result in dead and dull looking grass, which will decrease the level of curb appeal that your home has. The following are a few reasons why your lawn need regular Fertilization by a Lake Norman lawn care business.

Nitrogen Deficiency

If you notice that your lawn has become yellowish and is very slow to grow, then it may need fertilizer to restore the nitrogen that it is lacking. The appearance of clovers on your lawn is also a telltale sign that it may be deficient of nitrogen. You need to make sure that the law care company that you use knows that you need nitrogen rich fertilizer used on your lawn. In most cases, the change in your lawn will be noticeable in a short amount of time, which means you will have a green and lush lawn in no time.

Phosphorus Deficiency

If your grass is phosphorus deficient, then you will notice a mirage of colors start to emerge from your lawn. After the colors have stopped changing, the grass will begin to die off, which will turn your once beautiful lawn into a desolate wasteland. Many fertilizers used by lawn maintenance companies are very rich in phosphorus, which will help to reduce the amount of dead grass and discolored patches in your lawn. The longer you leave this problem unattended, the worse it will become and eventually you whole lawn will suffer.

Rust Fungus

Another common problem that you may encounter on your lawn is a fungal condition known as rust. This will make your lawn turn a rusty, red color, which will severely affect the look and aesthetic appeal of your yard. The next stage of this fungus is the development of rust colored bumps on the blades of your grass, which will eventually kill the grass. The only way to get rid of this problem is by having your lawn fertilized with a nitrogen rich fertilizer. You will also need to irrigate your lawn to provide a better water supply.

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