Reach Your Goals with Great Fundraising Ideas

It can be a challenge when it comes to selecting the right fundraiser for your organization. There are so numerous amounts of options available for school fundraising ideas. From bake sales to car washes the possibilities are endless to help you reach our goal and have fun when you hold a fundraiser. When you have to compete with other schools, you want to select a project that is unique to help entice people to participate in your event. If you choose the wrong one, you can find yourself not making much money and your hands full of frustrated parents who cannot move the products.

How to Increase Fundraising Sales

  • Be sure to promote the fundraiser before it begins. When you alert parents ahead of time, they will have time to prepare by informing their family and friends their children will be selling a particular product soon.
  • As a sale tactic, promote the product as a gift item. Especially before the holidays, play up on how the merchandise being sold will make a perfect Christmas gift.
  • Do not have too many fundraisers. Have a limited number of events you do a school year perhaps one in the fall and one in the spring. This will keep people and the community from feeling overwhelmed with trying to help out.
  • Offer personalized products if the company allows that has the name or photo of the school on it.
  • Provide creative prizes for students that participate. The better the prize, the more motivated they will be to push the product.
  • Find a project that no one else is doing. This will eliminate the competition of other schools holding fundraisers at the same time.
  • Make sure you get the parents involved along with teachers.
  • Consider your budget before you begins. How much money do you need to earn?

Provide Quality Merchandise for the Students to Sale

You do not want your students to sell products that are cheaply made or will not last. You want to select merchandise that will appeal to parents, friends, and family. Reusable bags is a great idea; they are a product that can be used several times and come in fashionable designs. Perhaps, even a stylish tote that parents can buy for themselves or a gift to be given away to other family members. You do not want provide products that will be hard for students to sale. You want something easy considering most parents will be taking the catalog or product to work with them to sell to co-workers.

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