Quality Metal Finishing with Short Turnaround Times and No Contamination

Leaders in the metal finishing industry are aware of common complaints from customers, including long wait times and contamination of the production line. It is advisable to research your chosen mechanical surface improvement company before choosing to trust them with your polishing project. For quality metal finishing, it is important to trust the experts.

Industries Served
Mechanical surface improvement, or quality metal finishing, is a very beneficial service that is typically provided to high-profile industries, including medical and firearms. Other clients that routinely need the services of a polishing or surface improvement company include OEMs and medical injection mold manufacturers.

The process of finishing solid metal material parts is simpler than many people expect. A typical production line allows for fast, efficient, and highly precise results. There are some different pieces of technology used to polish an individual metal part successfully, and companies with experience in surface finishing understand that abrasive materials such as silica can easily contaminate products on the line, so they work to ensure this does not take place.

Abrasives and Polishing Agents Used on the Production Line
In spite of the risk of contamination, many abrasives and agents are used to ensure that the final result is gleaming and smooth, with no obvious chips, burrs, or other small and irritating abrasions visible on the surface of the metal. Barrel finishing, otherwise known as “tumble finishing” or “tumbling,” is the most common form of quality metal finishing that produces excellent results every time.

Metal finishing within a barrel is a very old-fashioned procedure that is still highly useful today. It relies on the simple law of gravity to produce stunning results. It is used to deburr, burnish, clean, polish, brighten, and even harden the surface materials. Once all the necessary polishing agents have been applied to the material, the parts are placed in a horizontal, rotating barrel, which churns until the desired smoothness and hardness has been achieved.

Metal finishing produces durable and aesthetically pleasing results for industries that consistently serve the public’s needs, including the firearms and weaponry industry. Finishing companies understand the high level of responsibility their job requires and approach each project with passion and dedication.

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