Protecting your home against flooding

An important part of home ownership is to protect it against flooding. If the home is damaged by water it can be very expensive to rectify the damage and it causes mold. The first thing that you must do when you are considering Skokie flood control is to evaluate the weaknesses of your home, looking for those areas which are vulnerable to flooding. Regular checks of the vulnerable areas and routine maintenance are the keys to flood prevention.

One of the most common causes of flooding is burst water pipes and the most common cause of a burst water pipe is freezing during the winter months. The incoming water line will normally be at a depth below the frost line but from there the problem is the homeowners. A big part of Skokie flood control is to ensure that your water pipes are well insulated; this is of particular importance if the pipes are installed in a crawl space under the floorboards. Clay sewer pipes can also cause a flooding problem, installing a backwater valve is an inexpensive solution which can stop sewer back-ups.

Check all around the foundation of the house, the landscaping should direct all the groundwater away from the house, not in the direction of the foundation. Homes that are located in areas with soft soil or areas which are quite hilly are especially prone to flooding. If your home is located in an area where rainwater and snow melt can run toward the home you may want to consider installing French drains as a protective measure.

All the drains in and around your home should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are not plugged. Drains in the basement of a home are a particular problem, one Skokie flood control method which is very effective is to install a sump pump in the lowest part of the basement, this helps to eliminate any water that seeps under the slab and of course eliminates any water that gets in the basement. If the home is located in an area which is prone to floods it is wise to have the electrical panels for the furnace, hot water heater and the main circuits installed high on the wall.

Overflowing sinks and bathtubs are another common source of flooding, the best solution to this is to never leave a room unattended if a water tap is running; if you must leave the room, turn the tap off.

Skokie Flood Control is something that the homeowner must be constantly aware of. Routine maintenance and the installation of flood control systems are important. For installation of flood control systems you are invited to contact North Coast Sewer & Drainage. They have 35 years of knowledge and experience.

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