Protect the Integrity of Any Home With Quality Roof Repair in Lynnwood

The average residential abode uses a pitched or gabled roof designed to protect the structure from the elements such as rain, snow, ice or extreme wind. It can easily handle the first three since the pitch of the roof helps it to shed water, ice and snow very quickly. However, there is more to the roof than just the angle of the slope. For instance, the roof needs to be covered by a membrane capable of repelling water. For many homes, this is an asphalt roof. These roofs are usually a layer of roofing felt placed over the decking and covered with a layer of three-tab asphalt shingles. The only real problem with this sort of roof is the quality of the shingles used for covering it. The typical asphalt shingle is usually warranted for fifteen to twenty five years and seldom survive past this point.

Unfortunately, roof repair in Lynnwood can be one of the more expensive and difficult projects that a homeowner can tackle. Part of the problem is deciding which products will suit the home and which are the best for the given budget. Thankfully, there are many options for the homeowner to choose from such as laminated shingles or composite shingles. These two products are still made from asphalt, but each is designed to provide a unique style and excellent protection. Laminated shingles are designed with an extra layer of asphalt on the back side to give the whole sheet extra thickness and strength. Composite shingles function by adding one or more layers over the top of the shingle for extra depth. The primary reason for this is that composite shingles were designed to mimic slate and the extra thickness helps. Both laminated and composite shingles tend to have warranties of fifty years or more.

Another option for roof repair in Lynnwood is steel roofing. This type of roof covering comes in several types such as stamped, steel sheets. Steel roofing is usually laminated or galvanized and can be created in a style that resembles various types of roofing. For example, steel roofing can simulate the look of clay tiles, wood shake or even the appearance of common asphalt shingles. The product is usually warranted for at least fifty years and it can even be placed over an existing asphalt roof. This option allows roof repair with very little need for demolition.

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