Pros and Cons of Automatic Pool Cleaners in Winchester, VA

Cleaning the pool by hand can be pretty time-consuming, and not everyone wants to deal with it. There are a couple alternatives, including hiring someone to do the job for you and purchasing one of the three types of Automatic Pool Cleaners Winchester VA companies sell. There are pros and cons to the different types of pool cleaners and understanding these will make the decision easier.

Won’t Get All Debris

Which types of debris the Automatic Pool Cleaners Winchester VA companies sell will actually clean depends on the type of pool cleaner chosen. A robotic pool cleaner can be good at cleaning up both small and large debris but can only clean as far as the electrical cord will reach. Opting for a suction pool cleaner makes it so the walls of the pool will be cleaned and most of the tiny particles will get cleared out of the water, but this type of cleaner doesn’t do well with larger debris, such as leaves. A pressure pool cleaner, on the other hand, will do a good job of getting rid of the larger objects floating in the pool but won’t clean the walls or handle the smaller fine particles that make the water look cloudy.

Maintenance Needs

The pressure pool cleaner doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and can last for a pretty long time. You’ll simply need to empty the bag that the cleaner deposits the debris into. With a suction pool cleaner, all the debris goes through the pool’s filter, which means that you’ll need to clean that filter and basket more often and the pump has to work harder and will probably need maintenance more often. The robotic pool cleaner has it’s own filter and pump, and this built-in filter and pump will need to be cleaned often in order to keep the pool cleaner working efficiently. Browse here to know more.

Cost Considerations

Of these three types of Automatic Pool Cleaners Winchester VA, the robotic cleaner is the most expensive and the suction pool cleaner tends to be the least expensive.

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