Steps For Pool Cleaning In Pearland

In Texas, swimming pool technicians complete the full process for cleaning these fixtures. Regular pool maintenance is paramount for preventing illnesses and keeping the pool usable. With weekly pool cleaning in Pearland, the owner uses the pool throughout their lifetime safely.

Check the pH-Balance of the Water

The pool technician uses a testing strip to evaluate the pH levels in the pool water. The recommended reading is seven. Any reading below seven doesn’t contain enough chemicals. Any reading above this level leads to potential acid burns for the property owner.

Add Chlorine to the Pool Water

Chlorine is used to remove substances such algae and bacteria from the pool water. Adequate chlorine readings range up to four ppm. The technician cleaning the pool has several choices for adding chlorine to the water. These choices include tabs, liquids, and granules. The chlorinating tabs are the most recommended as they perform multiple purposes.

Shock the Pool to Eliminate Contaminants

The process involves the removal of contaminants that lead to cloudy water and foul odors. The technician has two options for the shocking process. The basic options kill any bacteria found in the pool water. They eliminate substances such as sweat, cosmetics, and lotions applied poolside. The multiple function choices break down these substances while also filtrating algae and maintaining the pH balance.

Apply Algaecide to the Water

These solvents provide added protection from algae. It prevents an algae outbreak and prevents filters from becoming clogged. It keeps the pool water sparkling and clear.

The Pool Cleaning Process

During this process, the technician uses a skimmer to remove leaves and larger debris from the pool water. The technician cleans the skimmer after each use. Each week, they test the pool water and clean the floor and walls of the pool. They clean the vacuum hoses and brushes used for the pool completely.

In Texas, swimming pool technicians follow proper cleaning protocol each week. These steps prevent unwanted substances from accumulating in the pool water and harming swimmers. Swimming pool owners who need Pool Cleaning in Pearland can contact us to schedule an appointment right now.

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