Procedures for Salvage Auto Parts in Central Oklahoma

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Automotive

When autos are salvaged, their usable parts are removed and the remaining portion of the vehicle is safely disposed. The dismantling and salvage process is performed at auto recycling centers, also called salvage yards. The American auto salvage industry prevents millions of useful parts from going to waste, and helps the environment by keeping those parts out of the landfill.

Auto manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the world, and as such it generates a substantial amount of waste. Automaker waste puts a large burden on the environment, but car manufacturers are trying to lighten the environmental load by recycling still-functional auto parts Central Oklahoma. About 75% of a car’s parts can be reused, which is more than almost any other item in mass production.

Phases in the Auto Salvage Process

Eco-friendly auto salvage procedures can be divided into three phases. The first step is called pretreatment, where the vehicle is prepped for disassembly. All fluids (fuel, coolant and oil) are drained to prevent them from getting into the water supply. The car’s tires, battery and fuel tank are also removed. The fluids are reused or taken to a recycling facility, and fuel tanks, tires and batteries are also recycled.

The salvage yard evaluates the rest of the parts, and the best ones are sold or repaired. If a car is considered repairable, it can be sold whole. Modern salvage yards inventory their vehicles and parts with a computer database. Commonly sold car parts are bumpers, body panels, wheels, transmissions, engines, and rear/front ends.

Buying parts at a salvage yard is much less expensive than buying new, and these yards help consumers save money on repairs and insurance rates. If a driver has an older vehicle that is no longer in production, replacement parts can often be found at salvage yards and recycling centers.

Once all reusable and sellable auto parts Central Oklahoma are removed, the auto salvage yard hires a car crusher to compact the frame of the vehicle. Metallic parts can be sold for scrap value, and the other parts can be safely incinerated or buried in the landfill. Visit to find salvage auto parts in Central Oklahoma.


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