Problems with Home Drains: Common, but Easily Fixed

When drains in your home become stopped up, the problem can be inconvenient. But, a drain cleaning service in Chicago can provide a prompt solution. There are many products on the market that suggest it’s possible to fix drain problems without assistance but an expert can handle even the peskiest blockages in a short amount of time, so it’s always a sage choice to rely on a professional.

Possible Reasons to Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Different rooms of the home can be more likely to have clogged drains than others. If you’ve noticed the issue in your bathroom, the culprit could be a build-up of hair, since humans naturally shed a few strands when bathing or trying a new hairstyle while standing over the sink.
Inquisitive children can also cause you to need help from a drain cleaning service. Rubber balls and parts of toy cars are just a few things that kids might be tempted to insert into drains.

Also, clothing lint can make washing machines drains operate sluggishly and cause your garments to still feel damp at the end of the drying cycle. Take care to clean the lint filter regularly!

How Extensive is the Drainage Problem?

It’s easier to determine the size of the drain issue by checking to see if multiple drains seem to be stopped up. If the problem seems isolated to one area, those situations are generally easier to resolve. When a home’s main sewer line or vent line becomes blocked, the issue usually affects more than one room of the home. A drain cleaning service in Chicago can use a plumbing snake or high-pressure device to target the source and resolve difficulties. Visit for more details.

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