Power of Attorney: 4 Reasons to Have One Drawn Up

Power of attorney: what is it?

This is a legal document in which you, as the principal, choose a person—the agent or often your lawyer—to act and execute the will on your behalf, ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Do you need one?

There are plenty of reasons to have a power of attorney in Charlotte drawn up.

  • You have complicated assets. If you have a lot of assets and you want to make sure they go to your beneficiaries, then having that document drawn up in case something happens and you find yourself incapacitated is going to save your family and loved ones a lot of grief and money later on.
  • You’re going to be deployed. If you’re a military personnel and leaving behind your family, you’ll want someone to act on their behalf in case you become incapacitated, says Investopedia. You get peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken steps to ensure your loved ones have the help they need in the event that something happens to you.
  • You’re getting old. If you’re getting on in age and you want to make sure everything’s in order just in case something happens to you, then look for a lawyer. Ask one for help in drawing up a power of attorney in Charlotte.
  • You’re retiring. This is the perfect time to put your affairs in order. Engaging the services of a lawyer can help you distribute your assets, liquidate some or just figure out what to do with it so you’ll be set throughout your retirement years. Your lawyer can also update the document or draw an entirely new one for you.

Getting help

Because of the nature of the document, it’s essential to find a lawyer or agent you can trust. Talk to your lawyer to know more about it.

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