Popular Accessories for Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

One of the hardest things to plan for when you own your own farm are your storage needs. It is important to keep your grain out of the elements, but to ensure that you can access it quickly when the need arises. Grain Storage Bins Services in Oregon can provide you with the storage you require, and there are a whole host of accessories that you can use to increase the freshness of your grain and lengthen its shelf life. Before you purchase anything for storing your crop, make sure you have the system and accessories you need to properly store it.

The following represent the 3 most commonly used tools to make storing of excess grain easier and more affordable. Grain Conveyor BeltsCombine tractors provide a release spout that makes it easy to discharge your crop into a bin. If you have a large storage bin, it can be more complicated to discharge your grain. A conveyor belt will allow you to place your harvest into a ground level access point, and then have it lifted and dropped into a silo or other containing device. Consider using conveyor belts if you don’t have a combine, or if you have silos that are taller than 100 feet.Exhaust FansMoisture is one of the greatest threats to a harvest that is stored in a grain bin. Exhaust fans help improve air circulation and keep moisture from forming. Most can be installed in the roof of your silo, or near the bottom.

Ask a dealer about the fan options available for your setup, so you can take the first step in keeping your crop as fresh as possible during storage.Screw ConveyorsOne of the easiest ways to gain access to your grain after you have stored it is to use a screw conveyor. This will allow you to pull grain from the center and bring it down to an access shoot. This will help you rotate your stored grain and reduce the chances of having spoilage issues. Make accessing your crop easier with a screw conveyor.If you need help setting up your Grain Storage Bins Oregon, contact the experts at Leon James Construction Company. They have a wide variety of products that can make your farming goals easier to achieve. Call them today to learn more and see how easy and affordable meeting your storage needs can be.

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