Improve Your Product’s Consistency with Continuous Blending

As a small company, you’ve relied on the flavor of your beverage to gain customers. As you grow, this advantage is one you cannot afford to lose.
As your beverage business grows, making your products in larger quantities becomes a necessity. For a small company, suddenly moving to processing larger batches can present some unique challenges. Proper blending is one of the most significant. To maintain flavor and product consistency, blending must be as complete in a large batch as in a small one. As you move to processing more of your beverage at once, it’s time to bring in some technical assistance.

Continuous blending products provide the blending consistency you need as your business, and therefore your product batches, grow. Continuous blending does just as its name implies, it continually adds ingredients and blends, to ensure blending is complete. This simple product makes blending a large batch as simple as hand blending a small one.

In addition to ensuring flavor consistency, using a continuous blending technique will also help you save time. Once your blending recipe is set, your product will automatically blend, requiring far less intervention than hand blending.

If you produce carbonated beverages, consider automated carbonation, as well. Inconsistency in carbonation of your product is just as big a problem as flavor inconsistency, especially as batch size grows. By combining inline carbonation with continuous blending, you have a perfectly repeatable product every time.

Growing pains can be difficult, but can also help your business reach the next level. Talk to a beverage processing equipment company to help you solve your growing problems. With the right blending and carbonation products, you’ll be able to make your beverage in much larger quantities, without ever being concerned about the flavor your customers have come to know and love.

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