OEMs And The Advantages Of Purchasing Products

When it comes to custom tubing assemblies and the manufacturing of other related products, HVAC and refrigeration companies have a choice. They can manufacture the products in house. They can also turn to other companies to supply the products. Those who prefer the latter may opt to purchase copper return bends, copper strainers, fabricated tubing and custom tubing assemblies by Spinco Metal Products or other similar companies. Some of these companies are called OEMs

What is an OEM?

The term OEM has several definitions. While it means Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), it can actually indicate two different but related meanings. Originally, it stood for the actual company that manufactured the product used/branded by the purchasing company. More recently it has come to indicate that the company purchases a product, e.g. hardware such as custom tubing assemblies, and incorporates it into or rebrands the product using its own brand or name. Being an OEM has several advantages.

What are the Advantages of OEM?

If you are an OEM in the HVAC or other related business – the purchaser of the products, you are able to reap the benefits of what another company produces. Among the many advantages of buying products from another company are the following:

Cost: In many instances, it is less expensive to purchase manufactured goods from another company than make your own part or product. You will not have to find space and use employees to perform the tasks a supplier can do for you. It may also allow you to reduce the price of the finished and/or rebranded product

Quality: The quality of such hardware as custom tubing assemblies can be significantly higher when prepared by a company that specializes in this product. The production company has the materials and ensures quality control of all aspects of production from raw material to completed product. As a result, the overall product is overall superior to one that could be made in-house

Efficiency: The parts or products are available when you want them in the amounts required and/or requested. They are highly efficient in ensuring you get what you want, in the amounts you want, when you want them.

Professional: The relationship works because it is professional. Each company relies on the other to keep to his or her end of the bargain.

Consolidation: By restricting your supplier base to a single company, you can reduce headaches and other aspects of multiple sourcing while increasing the control of product quality.

Concentration: By sourcing the parts and products from another company, you can focus on what works best for you – usually making the finished product.

When it comes to manufacturing the perfect product, OEMs turn to their suppliers for quality parts and products. Whether it is a brass distributor or custom tubing assemblies, those OEMs in the refrigeration and HVAC manufacturing business rely on the production methods of others to achieve their own high quality product. By purchasing custom tubing assemblies by Spinco Metal Products, you can be assured the final product will excel.

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