Plastic Injection Molding Service – Uses, Applications, and Benefits

To create a customized part with multiple components using insert molding technologies, it is necessary that the bonding resin or plastic be injected into the mold to harden and serve as the agent that holds all the pieces in a single unit.

How It Works
At its simplest level, a plastic injection molding service is an operation by which heated and liquid plastic is poured “injected” into a mold where it hardens on and around any parts laid out on the mold and then becomes a single-unit part with potentially many other pieces contained inside it.

Uses and Applications
plastic injection molding service as a facet of the insert molding process has been used successfully in the creation of parts for complex and intricate medical devices, to automotive parts and sub-parts, to cutting-edge consumer devices, and beyond. Through this process, items as delicate as needles used in spinal injections and as critical as the airbag sensors in your car can be created in a relatively uniform, lower-cost, and efficient production process.

Production Benefits and Concerns
Because the amount of plastic is determined by the size and shape of the mold into which it will be injected, there is very little material wasted or lost in the plastic injection molding service. Additionally, because of the ability to create multiple parts rapidly, the cost of labor and number of workers is drastically reduced. However, the machinery upon which this service is provided is unattainable and unusable by small or start-up businesses that are perhaps at the stage where they are ready to begin design and production seriously.

Options for Production
While the cost of purchasing their machinery may be an insurmountable obstacle to many small or lower-demand businesses, there is another solution. Plastic injection molding service providers do exist that will work with individual or small businesses to create everything from a design to a mold to a finished product. Or products. Some specialty companies even offer what are referred to as “turnkey” solutions with complete molding operations built to comply with customer expectations as well as any applicable legal requirements.

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